How Do I Add Social Media Links?

Header/Single Locations
  1. To add social media links to the header login to the site.
  2. Once you’re logged in, go to Site Configuration and Click on Site Settings.
  3. In Site Settings click on “All Settings”. Type in the name of the social media icon you want to add like Google or Facebook in the “Search for a Setting” area.
  4. Scroll down until you see the URL space you want to add. Copy and paste the URL into the area provided.
  5. Click on the green button “Save Setting” at the top. Once that’s saved click the “x” in the upper left corner to exit the site settings area.
  6. You’ll see the live social media button in the header or footer of the website depending on the format chosen for the theme.
Multi Location or Location Specific Links

  1. Login to the site
  2. Click on the Contact Tab at the top of the site.
  3. Individual locations will be on that page. Click the green “edit” button to go to the location you want to update.
  4. Scroll down to where it says “Social Media Specific to this Location” and make sure the check mark is green on the left to engage this feature.
  5. Add the URLs to the matching website
  6. Scroll down and press the green “Submit” button, which will save those links and then they will be live for each location.