How Do I Add a Team Photo to the Staff Section?

  1. To add a team photo to the staff bio section you must first navigate to the About or Team page in the top navigation menu.
  2. To place a team photo at the top of the page, above all of the team bios, click turn edit mode on which appears at the top left hand side of the screen.
  3. Once edit mode is turned on, click into the main text box at the top of the screen but before your first employee bio.
    1. You may have text present here already, that’s ok! If you don’t have any text present, and you would like to add some, you can do so in the text editor on the next step.
  4. After clicking into the text box with edit mode turned on, you will now see the text editor for this portion of the page.
    1. It is important to click your cursor where you would like to photo to appear in the text box first
  5. Next, click on the photo uploader button on the top right hand side of the text editor. This button looks like a mountain with a sun behind it.
  6. Once the photo uploader window appears, click on the upload tab on the top center
  7. Hit Choose file
    1. You will then select an image previously saved on your computer. We recommend the image be at least 1000px and no bigger than 15 mb.
    2. After you select a photo, hit send to the server.
  8. The window will automatically fill in all image info for your newly selected image.
    1. Here you have the option to adjust the width, height, and alignment of the photo. Sometimes when the photo is first placed, it is too big or too small for the space. Simply change the numbers as desidered on the width and height.
  9. After hitting ok, you should now see a preview of your new photo in the text box. Before clicking save, double check that the alignment and size is correct. If you need to go back and readjust, you can do so by clicking on the photo uploader button once again.
  10. Hitting save on the text editor will make your new photo live on the site!

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