How Do I Add a Favicon to My Site?


  1. Locate the logo image you would like to use for your favicon
    • Image should be just the image portion of your logo (avoid text)
    • Image should be no larger than 32 x 32 pixels
    • Image should be a .png with transparent background
  2. To prepare your image
    • First crop your logo to the desired part of the image using a square crop
    • Remove background if image is .jpg with a free tool like “” this will also save your image as a .png
    • Resize your image to no larger than 32 x 32 pixels with a free tool like “”
  3. Turn edit mode on from your homepage using the left side admin menu
  4. Click on your main homepage content area so the editor pops up
    • Click on the “add image” icon in your editor
    • Click on the “Upload” tab
      • Find your image and “send to server"
    • Once on the server your image uploader box will show a URL, copy the full URL
    • X out of the uploader without saving - do not click “ok”
  5. Next, click on “Site Configuration” then “Site Settings” on the left hand side admin menu
    • Change search criteria to “All Settings”
    • Search for “favicon”
    • Locate “Custom Favicon URI” and paste your copied image URL from the uploader
  6. Click “Save Setting” at the top of your screen
  7. X out of Site Settings and your new favicon will be live