How Do I Add a Blog Post?

  1. Click on "Blog" in your navigation menu
  2. Click "Add New Blog Post" on the left side admin menu
  3. Fill out the page with your content
    1. The featured image is the image that will show on your main blog page, as well as show up on your blog post
      1. If you do not select a featured image, your main blog page will just show the first part of your blog entry
    2. The banner image will show up on the individual blog page behind the title
      1. If you do not select a banner image, a simple colored bar will show up behind your title
  4. When you have finished adding content in the text area, hit submit
    1. If you have added a featured image and/or banner image, you will be prompted to crop them at this time
    2. After you finish cropping, your blog post will be live