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How Do I Add New Patient Forms?

  1. Find the “Forms” section of your menu on your website. Sometimes, this is found under the “Patient Info” dropdown.
  2. On the left hand admin menu, select “add new form”
  3. Give your form a title that represents the content of it
  4. If needed, add a description or further instructions to the “Description” section of the page

  1. Make sure the form is saved as a .pdf
    1. .doc .docx .pages and such will not upload. Go back to your word editor and save your form as a PDF
    2. Select “Choose File” and find the form that you wish to upload
    3. Scroll down and select “Submit”

  1. Under the “Online Forms” section, copy and paste the full URL into the box labeled “Form URL”
  2. Ensure that the URL starts with “HTTPS” or else it will not work
  3. Scroll down and select “Submit”

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